Act 5, Scene 1

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Lady Macbeth’s guilt finally catches up with her.


DoctorA doctor employed by the Macbeths, asked to cure Lady Macbeth’s increasing instability.GentlewomanLady Macbeth’s personal servant. She has begun to notice erratic behavior from Lady Macbeth, including sleepwalking.Lady MacbethWracked by guilt, a sleepwalking Lady Macbeth appears to confess to her crimes.


Back at Dunsinane, a doctor and a gentlewoman are spying on Lady Macbeth. She’s been acting weird lately. Sure enough, she enters the scene sleepwalking and talking to herself. While the doctor and the gentlewoman look on, Lady Macbeth frantically tries to rub an invisible stain from her hand, all while ranting and raving about her husband, guilt, and, of course, blood. At this, the doctor and the gentlewoman realize that Lady Macbeth has been keeping some pretty evil secrets, and that’s not something the doctor can help her with. She needs a priest, not a medical professional.


Interview: Doctor and Gentlewoman

myShakespeare | Macbeth 5.1 Interview: Doctor and Gentlewoman


Interview: Lady Macbeth

myShakespeare | Macbeth 5.1 Interview: Lady Macbeth