Act 2, Scene 2

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Lady Macbeth has to clean up Macbeth’s mess.

Macbeth walks in on his waiting wife with bloody daggers in his hands. The deed has been done, and Macbeth is horrified by his actions. Plus he’s managed to mess up the plan by bringing the daggers away from the scene of the crime (he was supposed to leave them there to point the finger at Duncan’s drunk servants). Since Macbeth is too shaken up to do anything, Lady Macbeth takes charge, calls him a wimp, and hauls the daggers back to Duncan’s chambers. When she comes back, she tells a still distraught Macbeth to snap out of it, wash the blood off his hands, and put on his nightgown, in case someone finds them awake.


Interview: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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