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Performances of key scenes bring Shakespeare's language to life.
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Animated videos explore the plays and their contexts.
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Our contemporary translation makes Shakespeare's language more approachable.
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Students can highlight and annotate to engage with the text and respond to assignments.
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Teacher Testimonials

This is an excellent resource for any teacher's Hamlet curriculum. My students enjoyed a different take on a classic Shakespearean play. I highly recommend it for any high school English class studying Hamlet.

Pam W.

I have tried many film versions of Macbeth to help my students understand the Bard, but this is a great supplement to their studies. It explores not only the language, but the motives and emotions of the characters, and does it in a satirical, talk-show format, with "commercials" and songs. The students really get it!


As an English teacher for 15 years, I have never found a resource that effectively grabs the students’ attention like this one. I was able to do my Macbeth unit in two weeks, and they learned more than if I had taught it in six weeks. It was awesome!


Your site is gorgeous. I am teaching Hamlet to 5th- and 6th-graders, which is a tall task, and your layout gives all kinds of possibilities for explaining lines and passages from the play. Students love playing around with the videos. Just beautiful work. Thank you.

Nils S.

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