Act 5, Scene 1

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A meeting in the field prompts a candid conversation about what to do if the worst happens

Antony and Octavius squabble before meeting Brutus and Cassius in the field for a parley, and Octavius resents being told what to do by Antony. Brutus and Cassius arrive with their armies and each side accuses the other of merely making a show of bravery. Antony and Octavius leave, and Brutus consults with Lucilius while Cassius consults with Messala. Cassius reveals that it is his birthday, and that while he is not generally prone to believing in omens, he believes that seeing vultures follow the army to Philippi and then depart means that they will be deafeated. Cassius asks Brutus what he will do if their armies are defeated. Brutus says that he does not generally believe suicide is a good option, but he will not allow himself to be paraded through Rome as a captive.


Interview: Antony and Octavious

myShakespeare | Julius Caesar 5.1 Interview: Antony and Octavius


Interview: Brutus and Cassius

myShakespeare | Julius Caesar 5.1 Interview: Brutus and Cassius