Act 1, Scene 3

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Cassius' plan is revealed as a bizarre night occurs

Casca and Cicero meet at night during a storm and remark upon the strange, almost supernatural occurrences Cicero has seen. Cicero leaves, and Casca walks around in the storm with an open shirt. He then meets Cassius. Cassius appears to have very little concern for his safety, and explains that he feels threatened only by Caesar’s rise, not by the gods. Casca tells Cassius that a group of senators plan to make Caesar king the next day, and Cassius vows to commit suicide before becoming a subject of Caesar’s. Cassius says that he has already recruited some of the noblest Romans to undertake "an enterprise."

Cinna approaches and Cassius says he is one of that group. Cinna remarks that other people have been seeing strange things that night. Cassius asks if people are waiting for him, Cinna says yes, and that he wishes Cassius could win over Brutus to their side. Cassius gives him some letters he has written for Cinna to distribute where Brutus will find them. Cinna says that everyone in the group is gathered, except Metellus Cimber, who went to look for Cassius. Cassius takes Casca with him to go visit Brutus in person and try to convince him to join them.


Interview: Cassius and Casca

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