Act 5, Scene 3

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Cassius meets his end

Cassius is dismayed at cowardice among some of his own soldiers. Titinius brings discouraging news about Brutus’ army, and Pindarus arrives and says that Mark Antony has made his way into Cassius’ camp. Cassius asks Titinius to take his horse and find out whether a group of soldiers are friends or enemies, and tells Pindarus to climb a hill and report on how the battle is going. Pindarus sees a group of men surrounding a dismounted Titinius, and Cassius asks him to stop looking and help him kill himself. Pindarus stabs Cassius and runs away. Titinius and Messala come up to where Cassius’ body lies, revealing that Titinius was among friendly forces all along and the battle is not as dire as Cassius had thought. After they discover the body, Messala goes to look for Pindarus, and Titinius gives a laurel wreath to Cassius before stabbing himself. Brutus re-enters with Messala and Cato. Brutus is upset seeing Cassius’ body and promises to mourn him properly when the battle is over.


Interview: Cassius, Titanus, and Brutus

myShakespeare | Julius Caesar 5.3 Interview: Cassius, Titinius, and Brutus