Jeremy Sabol
Ralph Holinshed

Jeremy Sabol

Jeremy Sabol is a Lecturer in the Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program at Stanford University. He also teaches philosophy and literature in Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, and he offers courses and workshops in design thinking and innovation through the Stanford Center for Professional Development. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a PhD in French Literature from Yale University.

Carrie Paff
Sarah Siddons

Carrie Paff

Carrie Paff is an actress and educator. Her theatrical credits include leading roles at American Conservatory Theatre, Aurora Theatre Company, Marin Theatre Company, Magic Theatre, San Francisco Playhouse, San Jose Repertory Theatre, Center REP, Word for Word, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, A Contemporary Theatre (Seattle), Arizona Theatre Company, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London’s Leicester Square Theatre. Film credits include Quitters, A Fighting Season, Love & Taxes, Presque Isle, Opal, This Is Macbeth, and This Is Hamlet. She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Women's Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a master's degree in Educational Theatre from NYU.  

Patrick Alparone
Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson

A long while ago, when dinosaurs still walked the earth and no one had Wifi, Charley discovered the theatre. It felt as though he had found home.

So he ran off and joined the circus. Over time, he saw the world—New York and London, Australia and Cincinnati—playing roles in wonderful plays by wonderful playwrights: Ibsen and Chekhov, Albee and Kushner and Sarah Ruhl. Along the way, he was especially grateful for the chance to do Shakespeare: He has played Romeo and Mercutio (not at the same time), Petruchio and Pericles, Banquo, Benedict, Brutus, Iago, and Hamlet

Delia MacDougall
Anna Bullard
Howard Swain
Nicholas Pelczar
Mark Anderson Phillips
Liam Vincent
Joan Mankin
Gravedigger #1
John Gilkey
Gravedigger #2
Robert Parsons
Caveh Zahedi
Player King
Jon Gentry
Ogie Zulueta
Lance Gardner
Carlomagno Seletaria
Galen Davis
Greg Watkins
Director, Writer, Producer

Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins is the Assistant Director for the Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program at Stanford University. He has a PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University and an MFA in Film Production from UCLA. Greg has worked on a number of feature-length films as writer, director and producer. Film credits include: A Little Stiff (Sundance premiere), A Sign From God (Sundance premiere), I Am a Sex Addict (Gotham Independent Film Award, San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 10 films of the year), This is Macbeth, and This is Hamlet (2012 CreaTiVe Award winner).

Karen Adams
Director, TV Studio
Jim Farber
Neil Riha
Technical Producer
Austin Zumbro
Marco Salsiccia
Graphics, Animation
Jessica Heidt
Fumiko Bielefeldt
Costume Design
Christina Yeaton
Costume Design
Connie Strayer
Tristan Kolkhorst
Director of Photography
John Baker
Camera Operator
Nancy Brown
Camera Operator
Steve Hall
Camera Operator
Cathy Keys
Camera Operator
Lupita Segura
Camera Operator
Joseph Mendoza
Michael Primmer
Boom Operator
Dan Jaspar
Boom Operator
Russ Miller
Cinematography, Editing (Commercials and Music Videos)
Bobby Van Dyke
Chloe Bronzam
Princess (Commercial)
Mick Mize
Prince (Commercial)
Jenna Davi
Female Attendant (Commercial)
Ben Euphrat
Male Attendant (Commercial)
Molly Gazay
Casting (Commercial)
Dan Olmstead
Sound Mixing (Commercial)
Sam Young
Michael Kukula
Sascha Ciezata
Joel Raabe
Sound Design