The wedding day has arrived.

Characters References


Scene Summary

It’s Kate’s wedding day, but there’s no sign of Petruchio. Biondello shows up with the news that Petruchio is on his way, and that he’s dressed very strangely. When Petruchio and Grumio arrive, and everyone is shocked by Petruchio’s ridiculous outfit.

After the others have gone to the wedding, Tranio reminds Lucentio of the plan to find a fake Vincentio, father of Lucentio, to make financial promises to Baptista so that he’ll let Lucentio marry Bianca. But Lucentio says he’s so worried about the other tutor, Litio, that he’s tempted to run off with Bianca and get married without Baptista’s permission.

Gremio returns, shocked by what he witnessed at the wedding, and claiming that Petruchio is even more disagreeable than Kate. He describes Petruchio’s inappropriate behavior: he knocked down the priest, threw wine in the sexton’s face, and kissed Kate so hard, the smack echoed throughout the church.

Then everybody arrives from the church, and Petruchio announces that he and Kate will be skipping the wedding feast to travel back to his home. Kate disagrees, but Petruchio reminds her that because they’re married now, Kate belongs to him. With the help of Grumio, Petruchio whisks Kate away, but everybody left on stage seems content to celebrate without her.