Teacher Testimonials

We offer teachers the resources they need to help Shakespeare's plays come alive for the 21st-century student. Read what teachers have to say below to see how myShakespeare can transform your Shakespeare curriculum.

This is an excellent resource for any teacher's Hamlet curriculum. My students enjoyed a different take on a classic Shakespearean play. I highly recommend it for any high school English class studying Hamlet.

Pam W.

I have tried many film versions of Macbeth to help my students understand the Bard, but this is a great supplement to their studies. It explores not only the language, but the motives and emotions of the characters, and does it in a satirical, talk-show format, with "commercials" and songs. The students really get it!


As an English teacher for 15 years, I have never found a resource that effectively grabs the students’ attention like this one. I was able to do my Macbeth unit in two weeks, and they learned more than if I had taught it in six weeks. It was awesome!


Your site is gorgeous. I am teaching Hamlet to 5th- and 6th-graders, which is a tall task, and your layout gives all kinds of possibilities for explaining lines and passages from the play. Students love playing around with the videos. Just beautiful work. Thank you.

Nils S.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your resource. I use a variety of resources when teaching Shakespeare's plays, but yours was one I came back to more than once while teaching Julius Caesar. I can't wait to incorporate more of your resources next year when I teach Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

Stacy Z.

Teaching Shakespeare at any level is challenging. Invariably it involves a balancing act between making the material accessible (at the risk of dumbing it down) and facilitating the grasp of Shakespeare's infinite wisdom (at the risk of alienating everyone but graduate student nerds!). This is the first (only?) product that manages that perfect balance between the two. It equally entertains and informs. Many Shakespeare teaching guides appeal to readers by pulling them away from the (admittedly difficult) language. This one pulls readers into the language — wherein the true beauty lies. It strikes the right mixture of contemporary entertainment and engagement with the work itself. Moreover it displays the unusual modesty of positing leading questions rather than imposing preachy interpretations. Not only is this a valuable aid for teachers and students of Shakespeare but it also stands on its own as delightful content for a general audience.


My colleague searched out your website, looking for a good audio version of Romeo and Juliet that we could post online for our students. All I can say is if I had the ability to design an interactive website myself that would support my students' reading of the play, this is what I would have made. Congratulations and thank you.

Caty D.

I LOVE your site! Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. In the day and age of Google Classroom, it's a lifesaver.

Kate H.

I have just come across your amazing website and I congratulate you on your excellent work. I am using your resources in my classroom and my students are enjoying them. We thank you and we are looking forward to reading, listening and watching other Shakespeare's plays.

Nicoletta C.

I just want to say thanks for putting so much effort into this amazing resource for teachers and students. Your hard work has been my saving grace. I have laughed out loud at so many of your interviews — I love how you have made such a serious show full of humor! Keep up the good work!!!

Lori S.

Thank you for this resource. It is fantastic and the depth that it provides my students when reading is unparalleled. Every year I find myself struggling with whether or not I should read the original text or a modernized version with my students. This resource alone has allowed me to by and large resolve the issue. I am confident that the readings provided here are balanced and my students don't have to heartlessly trudge through a modernized version.

Chris H.

I LOVE using this site with my middle schoolers.  It makes Shakespeare accessible and enjoyable! I actually put a QR code to your site on all student desks when studying Shakespeare.

Jessica W.

"This is my first time teaching Shakespeare. I was dreading it because I had no idea how I'd get my multi-level freshmen to comprehend it and appreciate all the greatness of Romeo and Juliet without "dumbing it down" or spending weeks and weeks interpreting the language. I heard about this website from another teacher and it has SAVED MY LIFE! The videos are phenomenal — the students laugh, groan, and most of all understand what's happening! I seriously don't know what I'd have done without this website. Thank you for making it so beautiful, easy to use, professional, and accessible. Thank you thank you thank you. I need something this good for every book and play!

Carissa J.

As an English teacher, this website is one of the best I have discovered in several years! It is a great learning tool to help students appreciate Shakespeare's plays, the language, the plots, the characters, etc. It is fantastic! Keep up the good work!!!!

Rhonda A.

This is the best thing I have ever stumbled on. I teach high school seniors, many of whom have little formal education in their native countries, have limited English skills, and/or have read fewer than a few books their entire lives. Most students have little to no background knowledge of Shakespeare. I am very excited to have found your site and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing engaging, quality materials that will help my students understand and appreciate the beauty of the bard.

Eugenia L.