Act 1, Scene 5

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Romeo and Juliet fall in love.

Capulet welcomes his guests to the party. Romeo quickly spots Juliet and is captivated. At the same time, Tybalt spots Romeo and recognizes him as a Montague. He points him out to Capulet, who tells Tybalt to let it go—tonight is not the night for fighting. Romeo, meanwhile, woos Juliet, and the two share a kiss. After they part, Romeo finds out from her nurse that Juliet is a Capulet, and Juliet later finds out that Romeo is a Montague.


Character Interview: Tybalt, Capulet, Romeo & Juliet

MyShakespeare | Romeo & Juliet 1.5 Interview with Tybalt, Capulet, Romeo, and Juliet