Lillian Bornstein

Actor Bio: 

Lillian Bornstein grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she got her start in acting with the Nebraska Girls’ Shakespeare Company. Her first role was Laertes in Hamlet (she really liked the fencing and extreme angst). She went to Stanford University, where she studied Theater & Performance Studies, Creative Writing, and Psychology. She founded and served as Artistic Director for Stanford [wit]: a gender critical theater company, worked at the Women’s Community Center, and was an active member of the Stanford Improvisors. Her recent performance credits include Gruesome Playground Injuries (Kayleen), Much Ado about Nothing (Don Pedro), All My Sons (Kate Keller), Saint Joan of the Stockyards (Mauler), and the filmsRunning Through Darkness (Robin) and Cereal Anonymous (Cordelia). In the future, she hopes to pursue work that centers creativity, community, and social justice. Website link: