How to Create a myShakespeare Account

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March 8, 2024
How to Create a myShakespeare Account
Jamie Litton

While many of myShakespeare’s resources are available to anyone who visits the site, signing up for an account unlocks several additional features including the notebook function and quizzes. Additionally, an account is necessary for teachers who want to create classroom rosters on the site, as well as for students who want to join a class. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily create a free account.

Step 1

From the home page, click on “Sign Up for a Free Account”.


Alternatively, you can click “Sign in” at the top left corner of the screen, and then click on “Register".


Step 2

Next, you will be prompted to use Google or Clever single sign-on (if you already have a Google or Clever account that you would like to use to register), or you can enter your email and a password to create your account.


Step 3 (email)

If you choose to use your email and create a password, a validation email will be sent to your email address. Follow the link in your email.


Step 3 (single sign-on)

If you choose to create your account using the single sign-on option, you will be asked to provide your login info and then click “Next.”


Step 4

You will then be prompted to complete your profile by filling out your name and selecting your user role. You can choose a role of either Student, Teacher, Self-study, District Administrator, or School Administrator. Keep in mind that only a Teacher role will enable you to create classrooms, and only a Student role will enable you to join them. If you choose the Student role, you will then be prompted to enter your school name and have the option to join a classroom using a classroom code provided by your teacher. You can also skip this step and join a classroom later, or not at all.